Garland Resort Offers Four Magnificent Michigan Golf Courses Ready to Challenge Your Game!

Garland Resort in Michigan provides the ultimate combination of golf, accommodations, location, dining, activities, and value in the entire state of Michigan. And almost certainly a good many states beyond. If you have a regular group of golf guys, couples, a golf league or just want to get away with a few of your favorite friends, Garland is the PERFECT location for your next golf trip.

Just Park and Play, once you get to Garland, just relax and enjoy because unlike a lot of today’s mega resorts, all four of our golf courses start from the same golf shop. That means no hassle, no transfers, no loading up or waiting for Joe. Just get out and play golf until you can’t see the ball. You’ll also find our bars, restaurants, and entertainment just a few feet away from the Pro shop. And if things get a little hectic after the round, most of our accommodations are within easy stumbling distance of the bar, so you live to fight another day!

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